About us

Egytrade s.a.e was founded as a subsidiary of Sheha Group in 2011, we are a third generation family-owned business. Wood products is the main focus of our activities.


The two most common softwood types in the Egyptian market are redwood and whitewood. The majority of our softwood comes from Scandinavia and Russia from well managed and certified mills. Our group has traded with these mills for years; they have given us consistent quality and service to cater for our wide customer base.


Scandinavian Pine also referred to as redwood is imported from Sweden, Finland and Russia. It should be noted that the timber is kilned prior to shipping but the moisture content is often about 18%, and therefore higher than most kiln dried hardwood moisture contents.


With a view of expansion of the business, our team puts in every probable attempt to enlarge the client base as well as explore new business prospects. With an aim to progress and grow, we are endeavored to provide immense reliability, durability and quality products to our clients.


We are committed to listening to the customer; ensuring there is mutual satisfaction. No minimum/maximum purchases expected. All customers are important and we welcome all ideas and comments.


Warehouse locations


Tarik El Wasla - Om Zghio



Tarik Barhim


Office address

25, Yousef Abbas Street,

Office No. 401

Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt



We deal mostly with large and small independent sawmills. Our aim is to establish both friendship and business partnership with our suppliers. They provide high quality timber and consistently excellent service.


We purchase a very high grade of unsorted 5:ths 6:ths and 7:ths redwood from Scandinavia and Russia.



Sales & Purchase

Ahmed Sheha

Tel: +201060400059

Email: ahmed@egytrade.net


Saeed Sheha

Tel: +201006716794

Email: saeed@egytrade.net